Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto is a premier physiotherapy rehabilitation clinic. Located conveniently in the heart of the financial district directly across from the now Famous TORONTO sign.  We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced treatments and therapies while retaining a comfortable and caring environment and a patient-centered approach.

Located in the Thomson Building which is connected to Toronto ‘s underground PATH system.  You can conveniently & comfortably attend your appointments from your downtown workplace any time of year.

Accessibility: elevator and barrier-free access to the 5th floor. This is not a scent-free or chemical-free environment due to the cleaning products that are used in the clinic.

To Book
Phone: (416)-901-8452

COVID Protocols

The province of Ontario has moved into Phase 2 of the re-opening plan. For patient safety, we continue to operate under strict protocols.

Patient Protocol
1. Please be mindful of social distancing rules and maintain a 6ft space between you and other people in the clinic.
2. A plexiglass barrier has been placed between the waiting area and front desk. Please respect the staff and stay behind the barrier for all interactions, including re-booking and payment.
3. Use the hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands in the bathroom before and after your treatment. Bathrooms are located in the hallway outside the clinic.
4. Bring your own shorts and/or t-shirt depending on the area you would like worked on.
5. Cancel your appointment by calling 416-901-8452 if you start to exhibit COVID symptoms.
6. Please bring a mask, scarf, or something to cover your nose and mouth. A soft fabric is recommended for maximum comfort during treatment.

Practitioner protocol
1. Patient appointments will be staggered as much as possible to minimize the number of people within a space at a given time.
2. A thorough wipe-down of all surfaces and handles will be conducted with a strong disinfectant between all treatments and at the start and end of each day.
3. Hands will be washed with soap/water and hand sanitizer before and after treatments.
4. A medical grade mask and face shield will be worn by all practitioners.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at


Dr. Belinda Chan

Dr. Belinda has been practicing at Matrix Physiotherapy since October 2019. You can read more about her here.

Initial (45-60min): $135
Follow-up (30min) $90

Fri: 7:30am-5pm

Aubrey So

Aubrey is a registered physiotherapist and owner of Matrix Physiotherapy. He has been involved in competitive sports throughout his entire life with Basketball, Tennis, Soccer and Strength Training. His In-Depth knowledge of the human body and the mechanics of human movement is the basis for his approach to rehab and recovery. This allows him to clearly deduce the source of his patient’s pain & dysfunction and devise a comprehensive plan for recovery.

His special for Strength & Fitness training is carried out through the MATRIXFIT program, tailored training programs based on the individual’s fitness level & health goals. A physiotherapist trainer!

Mon-Fri: 7am-5:30pm

Shivangi Trivedi

Shivangi Trivedi is a physiotherapist that specializes in Pediatrics.  Shivangi has extensive experience treating work related, acute and chronic sports injuries; neurological disorders ranging from concussion, stroke in pediatrics and adults; pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions, post-natal fitness and diastasis recti. She is one of only 9 Certified Mulligan practitioners in Canada and is a Certified Neuro-developmental Therapist (C/NDT, United States) with advanced certification in infants.

Virtual only, and by-appointment only

Dr. Andriana Setnik

Dr. Andriana Setnik is a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about helping others by restoring and supporting the healing power of nature and treating the root cause of disease.  Her expertise are in Nutrition & Lifestyle counselling, Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.  Come speak with her about your Stressful lifestyle and find out how you can modify your routine and diet to be a healthier better you.

Fri: 9am-5pm

Ana Robert

Ana is a registered massage therapist with over 10 years of experience in the field, Ana is very passionate about understanding her patient’s bodies. She is an expert at locating trigger points and relieving pain rapidly through Deep Tissue Techniques.

She is extremely personable and connects with her clients to deliver a massage experience. She is highly sought after by her loyal clientele.

Thurs: 9-5pm
Fri: 9-5pm