Matrix Physiotherapy

As of Monday November 23, Ontario is moving Toronto and Peel public health unit regions into lockdown based on the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework. The College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) confirms that chiropractors in those regions are permitted to remain open and continue to practice virtual and in-person care, while continuing to follow PPE and patient safety precautions currently in place.

Patient Protocol
1. Please be mindful of social distancing rules and maintain a 6ft space between you and other people in the clinic.
2. A plexiglass barrier has been placed between the waiting area and front desk. Please respect the staff and stay behind the barrier for all interactions, including re-booking and payment.
3. Use the hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands in the bathroom before and after your treatment. Bathrooms are located in the hallway outside the clinic.
4. Bring your own shorts and/or t-shirt depending on the area you would like worked on.
5. Cancel your appointment by calling 416-901-8452 if you start to exhibit COVID symptoms.
6. Please bring a mask, scarf, or something to cover your nose and mouth. A soft fabric is recommended for maximum comfort during treatment.

Practitioner protocol
1. Patient appointments will be staggered as much as possible to minimize the number of people within a space at a given time.
2. A thorough wipe-down of all surfaces and handles will be conducted with a strong disinfectant between all treatments and at the start and end of each day.
3. Hands will be washed with soap/water and hand sanitizer before and after treatments.
4. A medical grade mask and face shield will be worn by all practitioners.